Fundraising: A great way to sell more products or services

Non-profits of all kinds are always looking for new products and services they can promote to help them generate additional revenue. If appropriate, you can make your offer(s) available to non-profits and generate more revenue for your business.

Leverage the Power of Non-Profits

Here is an example of a School Fundraiser page. Why not add your offer to this page?

Create Fundraisers Around Holidays or Special Events

GoYodel gives you the flexibility to expand your holiday or event promotions to your business advertising.

Get a Lot of Requests to Support Non-Profit Fundraisers?

We can provide you with a fundraiser sell sheets customized with your logo. Now you have a handle tool to give to local non-profits who ask you to support their fundraising efforts. Each sheet provides a quick overview of how the non-profit can link to your offer on the GoYodel platform. As they promote your offer, the non-profit can generate revenue for their fundraising efforts and drive new customers and additional revenue to your business.

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